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About Rudraa Academy

In a landscape filled with numerous respected trainers, the NCLEX-RN exam continues to pose a significant challenge for countless candidates, regardless of their nationality. This is where Sneha Patel steps in, bringing her unique expertise with 15 years of experience in teaching the Next Generation NCLEX in USA, Canada & Australia.

A graduate from the prestigious College of India, she embarked on this journey. Since then, she has been instrumental in preparing nurses across various cities in India and USA, Canada, Australia for NCLEX-RN exam. Her wealth of experience and knowledge makes her a valuable resource in helping aspiring nurses conquer this pivotal examination on first attemp.

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We start by completely recognizing your needs in order to give you the greatest support. To properly match you.

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Our platform links you with highly skilled tutor – Sneha Patel. Experience learning on your own terms.

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We start by completely recognizing your needs in order to give you the greatest support. To properly match you.

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Whether you want to get ahead, catch up, or learn for the joy of it, register and we will offer a personalized approach to reaching your goals, and inspiring new ones to pass NCLEX.

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Nclex RN

The National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) is a crucial licensing exam necessary for individuals aiming to practice as registered nurses in the United States, Canada and Australia. This exam is structured as an objective-type assessment, specifically crafted to assess students’ comprehension across different learning domains, with a strong focus on the cognitive aspects of nursing knowledge and skills.

NCLEX Prep & Training

We offer high-quality training tailored for specific qualifying and licensing exams essential for various professions. Our approach is designed to provide potential nurses with the finest resources, ensuring they have the best possible chance to succeed and fulfil their career aspirations as NCLEX-RN. With our comprehensive training programs, individuals can confidently prepare for their exams, equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen professions. We are dedicated to helping students achieve their dreams by providing exceptional guidance and support throughout their Next Generation NCLEX exam preparation journey.

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However, we’re confident that using the platform’s interactive tools, collaborative workspaces, and face-to-face conversations will make studying a genuine pleasure for you.

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It gives up a whole new universe of opportunities to not be bound by a physical location in USA, Canada, Australia, Nepal and India or a nearby teacher for Nclex.

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we’re enriching your educational experience in brand-new ways, from finding the ideal match to creating highly individualised NCLEX learning.

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